Student Government Association Officers

SCC’s Student Government Association is comprised of three groups of students:

  • Executive officers, including the president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer.  This group is primarily responsible for coordinating SGA meetings and carrying out the administrative tasks of the Association.
  • Delegates from each campus and center, including a Delegate from the Casey, Clinton, McCreary and Russell Centers and the Somerset and Laurel campuses.  This group is primarily responsible for coordinating activities at each SCC location and serving as a voice for the students on their respective campuses.
  • Representatives from each active, registered student organization on campus and the Student Ambassador Program.
SGA Executive Officers
 Mosby  Combs  McKee

Donna Cogar Mosby

Hometown: Burkesville
Major: PTA
Primary Campus: Somerset

Berniece Combs

Hometown: London
Major: Nursing
Primary Campus: London

Brittany McKee

Hometown: Whitley City
Major: PTA, AS
Primary Campus: Somerset

SGA Delegates
 Garrett  Walker  Westerfield

Ashley Garrett
Casey Delegate

Hometown: Liberty
Major: AA, Political Science
Primary Center: Casey

Stephanie Walker
Clinton Delegate

Hometown: Burkesville
Major: Cosmetology, AS
Primary Center: Clinton

Chelsea Westerfield
London Delegate

Hometown: Tyner
Major: Surgical Technology
Primary Campus: London

 Frazee  Murrell  Melgoza

Shawn Frazee
McCreary Delegate

Hometown: Whitley City
Major: AS, pre-PT
Primary Center: McCreary 

Jesse D. Murrell
Russell Delegate

Hometown: Russell Springs
Major: AA, Library Science
Primary Center:  Russell

Dino Melgoza
Somerset Delegate

Hometown: Somerset
Major: Business Administration
Primary Campus: London