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FAFSA Verification

The completion of the Verification process is not optional and must be completed before any financial aid awards will be offered. The failure to submit verification in a timely manner may delay disbursements and could exempt a student from utilizing bookstore charge dates. Below are some FAQs that may assist you in understanding the verification process.

What is verification?

The process of documenting the information you provided on the FAFSA is called "verification." If your application is selected for verification and you do not provide the documents requested, you will not receive federal student aid, and you might not receive aid from other nonfederal sources.

Why was I selected for verification?

  • You may have been selected randomly by the Department of Education
  • The submitted FAFSA application has incomplete data
  • The data on the FAFSA application appears to contradict itself
  • The FAFSA application has estimated information (i.e. tax information entered before filing with IRS).

Being selected for Verification does not mean that you have done anything wrong. This process is required by the Department of Education in order to receive Title IV funds.

How am I notified that I was selected for verification

Your Student Aid Report (SAR), sent by the Department of Education after your FAFSA has been processed will let you know if you have been selected for Verification. This information will also appear on the "To Do List" section of your SCC student self-service account.

To view a copy of your SAR, login to your FAFSA at

Where do I find my verification forms?

Verification worksheets are printed from your To Do List in your student self-service account.

  1. Log into your Student Self-Service.
  2. Find your To Do List located on the right side of the webpage and click the details hyperlink at the bottom of the box.
  3. Select the Verification hyperlink under the To Do Items column on the Item List.
  4. Click the blue hyperlink found in the Description box.
  5. You may download all necessary forms by clicking the red hyperlinks on the Verification Worksheet webpage.

How do I submit my verification forms?

You may turn in your verification documentation in person at any campus or center, by mail, email, or fax.

By Mail:

Somerset Community College     Or    Somerset Community College
Attn: Financial Aid Office                      Attn: Financial Aid Office
808 Monticello Street                              100 University Dr.
Somerset, KY 42501                                 London, KY 40741

By Email:

By Fax: 606-679-4369 or 606-864-3875 ***Incomplete worksheets will delay processing of awards

When do I submit my verification forms?

You should submit your forms as soon as you can, but no later than the priority deadlines, to ensure you can charge your books to you financial aid award. *If eligible


Verification Documentation Priority Dates

Fall Term

July 1

Spring Term

November 3



What is the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool imports your tax information into your FAFSA. This is the fastest way to complete your Verification of tax information. If you are not eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you must submit a copy of your Tax Return Transcript.

You will not be given the option to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in several situations.

These include:

  • The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is not available for use yet. (Typically, the IRS Data Retrieval Tool becomes available for use in early February.)
  • You indicated that you will file or are not going to file a federal income tax return. (You will be given the option to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool only if you indicate that you have already completed your federal income tax return.)
  • You are not eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.
  • You do not have a valid Social Security Number.

How do I order a Tax Return Transcript?

You can request a Federal Tax Transcript online at or by calling 1-800-908-9946. You will need your social security number, date of birth, EXACT Street Address as used on the tax return and your Postal Zip Code. Please note that depending on the time of year, tax transcripts can take up to eight weeks to process.

What do I do if I receive a missing information letter?

A missing information letter is sent to students who have turned in paperwork but information is still needed to complete the verification process. You should read the documents carefully and submit the requested information immediately.

What are "discrepancies" and "corrections"?

After all required documents are submitted, the Financial Aid Office will compare them to your FAFSA. Any conflicting information, or "discrepancy", must be corrected to complete your file. A counselor will make changes, or "corrections", to your FAFSA information and send it back to the Department of Education for re-processing.

How long does the verification process take?

Verification processing time is unique with each student. During peak times the process may take several weeks. To expedite the process, you should read and complete your forms carefully and submit all requested documents in a timely manner.

I completed Verification at another KCTCS school, do I still need to complete at SCC?

Yes. If your FAFSA was selected for Verification, you must complete the process with each institution you attend. Verification does not transfer with you. In addition, you must ensure that SCC's school code (001997) is on your FAFSA.