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New Student Orientation

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The Somerset Community College Orientation Program gives information to the beginning college student about the transition to post-secondary education. Orientation can help students set and achieve educational goals. It is strongly recommended that new students complete orientation before registering for classes.
Orientation is conducted before the fall, spring and summer terms. It is offered on campus several times with the student assigned a date to attend. Once the student has applied for admission, and submitted ACT scores or completed the COMPASS test, someone will contact the student to sign up for orientation or the student can call 606-451-6740 to schedule an orientation.

The following three items must be completed in order to take the Online Orientation:

  1. Your application has been submitted to SCC
  2. Your ACT scores have been submitted, or you have completed the COMPASS test
  3. You have requested official transcripts be sent to SCC from high school or GED and all colleges attended

Take the SCC online Orientation.

Or, you may schedule your own in-person orientation appointment:

Book Now 

See current Orientation Schedule (pdf):


Orientation Topics

Information about college life helps the student understand the college atmosphere. Some of the topics covered:

  • Parking, Safety & Security
  • Admissions & Registration
  • COMPASS Test & Assessment Center
  • Student Records and Self Service
  • Financial Aid
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Ordering Your Books
  • Degrees that SCC Awards
  • Advising Services
  • Library Services
  • STAR Center
  • Information Tecnology & Computing Services
  • Disability Resources
  • Cultural Diversity

Once completing your orientation, please fill out this quick survey.