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Classroom Expectations

Lecture Attendance Policy

The content of each course is fast paced; therefore, attendance is critical to the success of the student through the Practical Nursing Program. The student is responsible for obtaining any announcements, handouts, assignments, etc. from a peer when an absence has occurred. The following attendance policy relates to class (lecture) hours only. See attendance policy under Clinical and Laboratory Procedures for clinical and laboratory attendance. The student is allowed to miss 3 absences per class, per semester. An absence being defined as missing greater than 1 hour per class.

  • After 3 absences –1st written warning
  • After 4 absences –2nd written warning
  • After 5 absences –termination This can only be waived due to extreme circumstances as decided by nursing faculty.


Exams will be scheduled per individual instructor. Once exams begin, students will not be permitted to enter the classroom. The door to the exam room will have a testing sign posted to indicate entrance is not possible. Students late or absent for the scheduled exam will be required to take a make-up exam as rescheduled per instructor. Make up exams will be in the format of an essay-type test. The student must make a 75% or higher on all exams or will be required to review as scheduled per instructor. Your name should be written at the top of every exam. This ensures that all exams are returned to the appropriate instructor. All exams and answer keys must be returned to the instructor at the end of testing or test review period. In order to prepare the student for the NCLEX-PN Exam, exams may be timed and the student must complete the exam in the amount of time designated by the instructor. Faculty will also provide a variety of questions that are NCLEX style questions in order to prepare the student for boards. Exam Results The grading of exams is a very time consuming process. The usual routine of the instructor with exam grading involves checking for eraser marks, miss-keyed answers, and doing an item analysis. Because of the quality of time the instructor needs in order to grade the exam, the student should expect to receive his/her results no earlier than the next class day. To obtain exam results, the student must e-mail the appropriate instructor requesting a grade for a particular exam. Once graded, the instructor will reply back to the student his/her grade for that exam. KCTCS e-mail must be utilized to ensure security.

ATI Exams

ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) is a computerized nationally standardized assessment review program that is utilized throughout the Practical Nursing Program. This resource helps the student not only to assess knowledge of the course content, but also to prepare for the final exam of each course and build a successful NCLEX score. As per SCC Bookstore the total cost of this program is approximately $400.00 - $450.00 (dispersed over the three semester period), which includes review books, DVD’s, and testing materials, and is the responsibility of the student. An ATI representative will visit to orient the students and faculty to the program, at the beginning of each new admitting class. This course review material is required, and the student will be asked to submit a receipt of purchase before being allowed to participate in the computerized final exam.

There are 8 content Mastery Series in the ATI package. This includes 2 Practice exams and 2 Proctored exams for each content area. Student will participate in the practice exams on their own around midterm. Faculty will periodically assess the student’s progress on the students individual ATI transcript. Near the end of each course, the student will participate in a Proctored exam related to that course content. The student is to achieve at least a level II score on each of the content mastery series. If a level II score is not obtained a mandatory remediation plan will be constructed, and the student will be re-tested in that content area using an alternate exam available through ATI. The level scoring will be explained during ATI orientation. At the end of the third semester, a comprehensive ATI will be given that will test the student’s predictability to passing NCLEX.

This exam is worth 60% of the grade for NPN 210. Details of this exam will be given on the level III Syllabi. As part of Perkins Grants, programs are required to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking components as part of the program curriculum. A pre and post ATI Critical Thinking test will be administered at the beginning and at the end of the PN student’s career. This exam assesses basic critical thinking skills only at those two points of the curriculum and will in no way affect the student’s grade or success in the program. The dates will be announced at a later date.

Academic Offenses

(Plagiarism, Cheating, Falsification or Misuse of Academic Records)
Please refer to article 14 of the “Code of Student Conduct” for sanctions of students determined guilty of any academic violation. Any act involving an academic offense will result in termination from the program.
Plagiarism is defined as: "use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work." ( Robert S. Nelson (2007). Library plagiarism policies. Assoc of College & Resrch Libraries.)

Statement of Understanding

Upon admission into the Practical Nursing Program, each student will receive a copy of the “Statement of Understanding” to read and sign. The document acknowledges the Rules and Regulations of the college and Practical Nursing program. This signed copy is placed in the students file.