Meet Sarah

Sarah Baird SlavenSarah Baird Slaven, a current Somerset Community College student, wanted to further her education after she graduated from McCreary Central High School in 2010. She didn’t, however, want to venture too far from home.

“I considered other schools, but going to SCC was really appealing to me,” said Slaven. “I knew others who were going to school here and I was able to take advantage of scholarship opportunities here, making my decision easier.”

Slaven, a native of Strunk, said one thing she has benefited from most while attending SCC is the personal relationships with other students, faculty and staff.

“I’ve learned to be more outspoken,” said Slaven, who indicated she was fairly shy before college. “I learned to jump in and get to know more people. I’ve now had the opportunity to participate in leadership training and I think I’ve had a great start to my education and future career.”

Slaven has indeed jumped in and become involved with SCC, not only at her “home” center in McCreary County, but also at the Somerset and Laurel SCC Campuses. She currently serves as a student ambassador for the college and is the president of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for two-year higher education institutions.

In her leadership role with Phi Theta Kappa, Slaven has been active in forming a college and a community project. The college project is focused on college completion. The chapter is conducting workshops and is embarking on a campaign to actively encourage all SCC students to complete a college credential of some sort.

On the community side, the chapter conducted research after area wet/dry elections. A Soapbox Forum was then held at SCC to examine the social and economic impact of going wet in a rural community.

In addition, Slaven also works as a tutor for math, a job that will come in handy has she prepares to transfer to Eastern Kentucky University in the fall to pursue her dream of becoming a middle school math teacher.

“I’m not one of those people who just naturally ‘gets’ math,” Slaven said. “It’s hard for me, but I love a challenge and I enjoy helping others work through their challenges. I look at mathematics like a puzzle, and I like putting the pieces together.”

Slaven and her husband, Brandon, reside in Strunk. Slaven is the daughter of Gordon and Regina Baird.