Meet Jamie

Jamie DykesJamie Dykes has one piece of advice for SCC students transferring to four-year institutions: Put a transfer advisor on your advising team from the very beginning.

After studying for 2 1/2 years at SCC, Jamie transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Fall 2010 to complete his bachelor’s degree in elementary education. He couldn’t have done it without the help of EKU transfer advisor Gail Creekmore, who he met at SCC’s annual Transfer Days. “That’s where I learned about EKU,” Jamie said.

Not only did she help him choose what university to attend, she also helped him acquire scholarships and troubleshoot problems with transcripts.
The best thing about the Transfer Center is “the fact that it’s there,” he said. “All the colleges are in one spot. The reps there can sell their college to you.”

Because of the Transfer Center’s help, Jamie is now having a worry-free learning experience at EKU. He attends the Corbin campus, and through connections made with professors, he has observed teachers at schools in Laurel and Pulaski counties who helped him decide elementary education is where he wants to be.