Meet Crystal

Crystal StinsonAs a single mother, Crystal Stinson received inspiration to pursue her education from her seven-year-old daughter.

“My daughter was my inspiration and maybe someday I'll be hers,” she said. “I wanted her to watch me tackle this new chapter in my life and to know that she too can do anything she sets her mind to. Also, I knew that I had to gain an education in order to provide a more stable life for us financially.”

At 32-years-old and a first time college student, that first step was terrifying, but Crystal hasn’t stopped “marching forward” since. With a 3.9 GPA, she will receive an associate of arts degree in December. She then plans to transfer to Western Kentucky University to major in English with a focus on Secondary Education.

“I intend to teach high school literature. However, I will not stop there,” she said. “My long term goal is to become a college professor. Who knows, I might find myself back at SCC!”

Initially, she chose SCC because of its affordability and proximity of the Clinton Center in her home town of Albany, as well as for positive reviews received from friends who had attended the college. The smaller campus also felt less intimidating than a larger institution. And, she has taken advantage of some online classes.

In addition to her coursework, she has been a student employee for nearly two years. “I take great joy in performing my duties as a work-study student,” she said, “especially when I am able to help my fellow classmates. I think we all like to feel needed and appreciated and SCC has given me that.”

As a non-traditional student, Crystal claims that college has helped her beyond the classroom by learning how to prioritize her many demands, in order to maintain a balance in her life between single-motherhood, classes and work.

Summing things up, she states, “I feel that my experiences here will be a gift that keeps on giving, enriching my life and the lives of all those that mine touches forever.”

From her first terrifying step to her now unstoppable drive, Crystal’s inspiration that began with her daughter has grown in ways she never expected.