Meet Tracy

portraitMy role at SCC: I began working in the Admissions Office at Somerset Community College and then served for years as the Registrar and Director of Admissions. I am now Dean of Student Affairs which includes the area of Admissions, Student Records, Student Government/Student Activities, Disability Services, and Enrollment Management. I have been in the Student Affairs department since I started at SCC.

How long I have worked here: April 1988

Why I do what I do: As a graduate of Somerset Community College, I have experienced how a community college can provide students with a great educational opportunity. I love working with students and being able to assist them. Each day is interesting for me because I do not know what challenges will arise or what students will need my help. I am blessed to work with such wonderful people and serve with such wonderful students.

My philosophy: Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue higher education. I feel that SCC provides students the opportunity to pursue their educational goal while working, parenting, and dealing with life’s many challenges. The college experience provides students not only with an education but personal experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.

I like our students because: We have a diverse population of students with various backgrounds. Each student brings a different experience to their college career. I love getting to know our students and watching them succeed.

A little more about me: I am a lifetime resident of Somerset and am married with three children and two grandchildren. I am very involved in activities with my children and in my church. I enjoy traveling, camping and spending time with my family. I also enjoy listening to different types of music. Each day is a blessing and I try to live it to it’s fullest.

Tracy Casada
Dean of Student Affairs