Meet Steve

Meet Steve ClebergMy role at Somerset Community College: I am the coordinator of the theatre program. This program produces a season of plays and films each year. I also teach courses in theatre and filmmaking.

How long have I worked here: Since 1986.

Why I do what I do: Albert Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” I agree with this notion and try to use all of the knowledge available to me to release my imagination in the creation of new art, ideas and processes.

My teaching philosophy: I believe that it is my responsibility to create the kind of safe and free environment in the classroom which will afford my students the opportunity to both make mistakes and succeed. 
I like my students because: Once given the opportunity, they’re fearless.

A little more about me: My wonderful wife, Kim, also works at SCC. I am very proud of my three adult children; Frank, Jenny and Elliot. My play, “Radio Suspense Theatre,” is published by Playscripts, Inc. 

Steve Cleberg, Theatre Coordinator
Professor Theatre Arts