Meet Sandy

portraitMy role at Somerset Community College: I work in the admissions office on the front line. As a Student Affairs Assistant, I support students throughout the admissions process, from enrollment to graduation.

How long I’ve worked here: Since 2001.

Why I do what I do: I enjoy working with the students to help them attain their educational goals. I gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from knowing that I can make a difference with each student I assist throughout the admissions process. Many times, the student may seem uncertain about starting college and they may need a little encouragement from the first person they come in contact with at the college; I want the students to feel welcome and confident in their ability to succeed. As a previous non-traditional college student who worked hard to succeed at Somerset Community College, I want others to do the same and feel confident that the college staff is behind them providing support.

My philosophy: I always strive to treat others the way I want to be treated. Since I appreciate meeting others who smile and express kind words, I believe that the people who meet me deserve the same. By being considerate of other’s time and feelings, as if they were your own, you will always do the right thing and treat them correctly. If you prove to others that you care about them and respect their opinion, you can become a source of encouragement and motivation.

I like our students because: Each prospective student is a unique individual, with different opinions and a different background. I enjoy meeting each new person and getting to know them as an individual, not just another person at my desk. I find it especially rewarding to congratulate a student who is turning in their graduation application. By having assisted graduating students throughout their time at SCC, I take pride in sharing in the joy of their success.

A little more about me: I am married to David Bourne and I have two sons and a stepson. My oldest son is graduating from Western Kentucky University in May, my stepson will soon be graduating from Berea College, and my youngest son is finishing the second grade. I have lived in Pulaski County my entire life, growing up on a farm in Nancy, Kentucky. In my downtime, I enjoy reading, working in my flower garden, and spending time with my wonderful family.

Sandy Bourne
Student Affairs Assistant