Meet Marci

Meet Marci RandallMy role at Somerset Community College: I am an instructor of reading in the Transitional Department. Basically that means that I will teach you how to engage your thinking so you will comprehend all that you read in our print-rich world.

How long I’ve worked here: I’ve worked here as an adjunct instructor and reading tutor since 2008. I began full time in August, 2009.

Why I do what I do: I believe each of us has the potential to achieve remarkable goals, but that we need to surround ourselves with individuals who will give us that push, to reach the goals we set. Teachers have always been instrumental in helping me, along with great family and friends. I’m here because I like to find innovative ways to support SCC students so that they reach their full potential. SCC believes in teaching students to think critically so that they will make wise choices. I’m happy to be a part of the SCC team, where we believe in you, the student!

My teaching philosophy: I continue to learn, so that students will persist in learning also. John Maxwell says “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” I believe in you, the student, if you can believe in yourself. I will bend over backwards to make sure you have all the tools to become what you desire to become, through higher education. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll keep reading and learning until I find the answer, and then I’ll teach you how to find the answer. I may not give you the answer. I’ll lead you to it, through active questioning.

I like our students because: SCC students are wonderful folks. I love working with everyone, from the young to the ‘young at heart’. We have students from Pulaski Co. and from Pakistan; we have them from McCreary Co. and also Michigan. In other words, our students represent all backgrounds and I’m all the richer for getting to know them. Many of our students attend school while working and raising families. I’m happy to help them achieve their goals.
A little more about me: I’m from NC and husband, Terry is from SD; he’s a physical therapist here in Somerset. We have two young adult kids, Steve and Allie and we’re very proud of them. We have lived in NC, Germany, MA, and OK, before moving to this area. Since moving here in 1997, we are happy to call Kentucky our home. We love hiking and exploring the gorgeous landscape in the Southeast. I previously taught reading and elementary school for many years, and especially enjoyed teaching overseas while stationed in Germany. I enjoy reading, cooking, writing, dancing and singing. It’s important to note, here, that I’m only good at the first two hobbies.
Marci Randall
Instructor of Reading