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SCC Physical Therapist Assistant Program Graduates Achieve 100 Percent First-Attempt Board Pass Rate

Jul 22, 2014 - | 04:21 PM -
 PTA class of 2014
Members of the SCC PTA Program Class of 2014 achieved a 100 percent first-attempt pass rate on the national board examination.  Members of the class are: Jessica Lowe, Winchester; Samantha Grubb, Barbourville; Julia Lengenfelder, Lexington; Whitney Mink, Nancy; Cathy McCoy, Edmonton; Rachael Adams, Falmouth; Elizabeth Hughes, Lexington; Ann-Ashleigh Davis, Park City; Karissa Rauen, Lexington; Briana Allen, Monticello; Christine Sooriya-Arachchi, Campbellsville; Jonathan Cox, Corbin; Aaron Cash, Brodhead; Andrew Cohen, Lexington; Brian Carey, Cave City; Will Scott, Burkesville; John Louthan, London; Barry Lockard, Barbourville; and Curtis Blankenship, Corbin.
Graduates of the Somerset Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program for 2014 have achieved a 100 percent first-attempt pass rate on the national certification examination, according to PTA Program Director Dr. Ron Meade.

“This was a very hard working group and a very special class,” said Meade.  “They, as a team, are deserving of the pass rate.”

This is the seventh year in the past eight that the program’s graduates have achieved the milestone.  In 2013, only 67 of the 300 programs nationwide achieved a 100 percent first-attempt pass rate.  This pass rate should place the program in a tie for a first place ranking by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy when the rankings are released next spring, Meade said.

Several of the 2014 graduates have been recognized statewide and nationally.  Samantha Grubb of Barbourville won several national awards, including the Mary McMillan Scholarship Award and the APTA Orthopaedic Section’s National Student of the Year Award.  She was also named to the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association’s All-Academic Team.  Briana Allen of Monticello was named the APTA National Student of the Year and was also recognized by the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy as their National Student of the Year.

The class also participated in the winning effort in the 2013 and 2014 Marquette Challenge, a national fundraiser for physical therapy research, with the program being named “Outstanding PTA Program” by the Foundation for Physical Therapy for both years and was named the winner of the APTA’s Student Assembly Challenge.

Graduate Cathy McCoy of Edmonton also obtained a certified personal trainer certification while enrolled in the program.

For the second time in the program’s history, a program student received a perfect score on the examination.  Grubb scored a perfect 800.

2014 PTA Program graduates include: Rachael Adams, Falmouth; Briana Allen, Monticello; Curtis Blankenship, Corbin; Brian Carey, Cave City; Aaron Cash, Brodhead; Andrew Cohen, Lexington; Jonathan Cox, Corbin; Ann-Ashleigh Davis, Bowling Green; Samantha Grubb, Barbourville; Elizabeth Hughes, Lexington; Julia Lengenfelder, Lexington; Barry Lockard, Barbourville; John Louthan, London; Jessica Lowe, Winchester; Cathy McCoy, Edmonton; Whitney Mink, Nancy; Karissa Rauen, Lexington; Will Scott, Burkesville; and Christine Sooriya-Arachchi, Campbellsville.

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